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Tadanori Yokoo APOC Denim

Size 31 / 2020
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Tadanori Yokoo is a Japanese graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker and painter. Yokoo’s signature style of psychedelia and pastiche engages a wide span of modern visual and cultural phenomena from Japan and around the world.


A-POC is an acronym for “A Piece of Cloth,” and is a distinctive method of manufacturing clothing through a unique process of completing a design while the fabric itself is being made from a thread. The programming technology of knitting/weaving fabric by giving each thread an instruction has continued to evolve since A-POC was first created in 1998.


A-POC has evolved further with the creation of TADANORI YOKOO ISSEY MIYAKE for autumn 2020.

Waist: 15.5"

Inseam: 27.5"

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