We are happy to provide styling services and rentals for all of the items in our store to be used in music videos, performances, and other events.



Rentals are available for stylists and recognized artists to use for performances, events, or content creation. Rentals are not available to the public for general use.



For rentals in California, we charge 20% of the retail price for all items rented. For out-of-state rentals, we charge 30% of the retail price for all items rented.

For example, a $500 jacket will be $100 to rent in-state, or $150 to rent out-of-state.



Rentals may be made for up to 5 days. If not returned within 5 days, the full retail price will be charged.


Pull to Buy

If you decide to keep any of the items rented during the rental period, we will deduct the 20% rental fee of that item from the purchase price.



Rentals must be picked up via our Los Angeles location. If you need items elsewhere, please contact us.



All renters must have a credit card and ID on file prior to renting.

All items rented must be paid for, regardless of whether or not they are used during the rental.

A rental agreement holding renters liable for damage or loss must be signed prior to agreement.



We also offer styling services. Costs vary depending on services needed. Please contact us for more info.


Message here for rental & styling inquiries