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Paper Doll Cotton Coat

Size M / 2003
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Undercover’s Autumn Winter 2003 “Paperdoll” collection reflected upon Jun Takahashi’s unique view on paper dress-up dolls. Not only did the collection derive inspiration from the suits and dresses typically worn by these dolls, but the runway invitations sent out to guests also came in the shape of dolls. The collection featured a slew of different patterns, fabrics, and cuts, emphasizing an overall DIY aesthetic to each of the pieces. This inspiration is quite reminiscent of children crafting clothes for their beloved dolls. Yet within this down to earth and seemingly harmless concept, Takahashi made sure to include subtle political statements. Like many “Paperdoll” pieces this trucker jacket has been disassembled and reconstructed using fabric from loopwheel crewneck sweaters. The sweater pieces each feature different UC collegiate motifs as well as the iconic “Gix” print. 

Size 2

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