Who is Michele Lamy?

Who is Michele Lamy?

Widely known as the wife, muse, and business partner of Rick Owens, Michele Lamy has cemented herself as the gothic priestess of the avant-garde movement. Whether you recognize her for her unorthodox and wild appearance or her influence on Rick Owens, it is hard to deny Lamy’s presence. She attracts everyone in her orbit and has a wide cultural appeal, yet her life and personality remain enigmatic.

Raised in Jura, France, Lamy had been exposed to style and high society at a young age. Her curiosity for the finer things in life stemmed from her grandfather’s work as an accessory designer for one of France’s most famous coutures, Paul Poiret. However, her life’s experiences steered her in a different direction, leading her to study and practice law in the 60s and then becoming a cabaret dancer in the 70s before moving to the US in 1979.

It wasn’t until moving to Los Angeles that Lamy reconnected with her roots in design. When she moved to LA she was underwhelmed with the fashion scene so she opened a store and designed accessories and sunglasses. Shortly after Lamy began to experiment with clothing design, she realized that she needed a reliable pattern cutter. It was at this time that Lamy was introduced to Rick Owens, a young, bold, and daring creative looking to make a name for himself. They “saw something in each other and went with [their] instincts”, the rest is history.

Together, they have created the ever-expansive empire that is Owenscorp covering several mediums in design. At heart, Lamy is a fashion consultant, furniture maker, musician, restaurant owner, and mother. She is a conduit for the meddling of ideas and creative collaboration. She is anything but an artist in the traditional sense.

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