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The History of Takahiro Miyashita

Inspired by Rock n’ Roll and American culture, Takahiro Miyashita’s early life is exactly what you would expect it to be. In his youth, Miyashita quickly gained the reputation of being a teenage punk, spending a majority of his time out partying with friends and in record stores instead of in a classroom. With an indifference toward gaining an education, Takahiro Miyashita dropped out of high school.
After dropping out, he worked as a grocery clerk and then transitioned to working for a clothing store called Propeller. It was around this time that Miyashita’s interest in fashion took off. While not working Miyashita would hang around the streets of Shibuya’s fashion distract, going from store to store. However, it was Nepenthes, a store famous for its devout focus on American-made clothing, that gained Miyashita’s attention. Eventually, founder Keizo Shizumu took notice of Miyashita and brought him under his wing. Inspired by what he saw and felt at Nepenthes, Miyashita began to explore his craft. With no formal educational background, Miyashita was able to experiment, navigating his creativity freely.
Since launching Number (N)ine in 1996, Takahiro Miyashita has continued to blow the world away with the stories he tells through his clothes. The young rebellious spirit he cultivated in his youth still burns ferociously and is now exemplified in his eponymous label TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist.
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